Inspection & Maintenance to Keep Your Seawall, Dock and Boat Lift Operational and Safe.

To avoid expensive repairs a routine inspection and maintenance of your seawall, dock and boat lift is suggested.

Seawall Inspections

The best insurance for your seawall is a professional inspection by Collier Seawall & Dock. We provide an inspection of the seawall and surrounding area and if any major work is required we will propose a solid plan of action.

Dock Maintenance & Lift Maintenance

Collier Seawall & Dock would like to introduce you to our Maintenance Agreement. This agreement is for service on your lift for a period of one year. We will service two times (approximately 6 months apart). This is for normal maintenance service but; if we find a problem other than normal we will let you know as to what work we feel needs to be completed and the approximate cost.

The cost of $250.00 is for the 1st lift and each additional lift would be an additional $200.00. Each Jet Ski Lift would be $125.00.

Being proactive in protecting and extending the longevity of your boat lifts and dock is solved by our Maintenance Service Agreement. We will notify you any issues that need attention and the approximate cost with a 10% discount on all parts. Items include but are not limited to: greasing the lift, check and lubricate cables, check and tighten belts or chains, check motor covers, pulleys, bunks, decking, strips, fish table, ladder, sub-structure, piling and French drain.

Commercial Maintenance Contract

It is not just private residences which require a seawall and boat lift maintenance. Clubs, marina, condominium complexes, restaurants, hotels and the like are in the same 'boat"! That is why we've introduced the 'Annual Commercial Maintenance Agreement". This agreement is for our trained, experience technicians to visit sites and conduct an inspection utilizing an agreed upon individual checklist - recommending items which may need repair or preventive maintenance. The customer is able to set the number of visits per year thus determining the cost.