Seawall, Dock and Boaft Lift Services in Marco Island and Naples, Florida


Collier Seawall & Dock Is Full Service. We Design, Build, Inspect And Maintain.

Serving all of Collier County, Marco Island, Naples, Isles of Capri and Good Land Isles. Our experience, quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service separate Collier Seawall & Dock from most contractors. Working with you beginning with an initial property assessment and needs consultation, through design and construction. Finishing with making sure everything is as ordered and you are 100% satisfied. We also offer inspection and maintenance not only for your new seawall, dock or boat lift but for existing structures and equipment as well.

Quality Seawall Construction, Replacement, Maintenance & Repairs, Rip Rap & Dredging.

Some say seawalls are all alike no matter who builds them. Collier Seawall & Dock will prove there is a difference beginning with being fully licensed and insured.

Our professional and courteous service representative will walk you through the initial property consultation and estimate. We make sure the proper permits are in order before beginning and that you are completely satisfied before we are finished. Choosing the right contractor is very important. Collier Seawall & Dock is ready to show you the difference from professional service to above industry standard methods.

Seawall Repair & Maintenance

Having quality information from an experienced marine contractor is critical when considering seawall repairs or maintenance. Collier Seawall & Dock offers a full range of maintenance and repair services for seawalls. There are a wide variety of ways to address any given repair that may be required on your seawall. Some of these repairs include:
  • Helical Tie Back Placement
  • Support Pile Placement
  • Cap Replacement or Patching
  • Standard Tie Back Installation
  • French Drain Installation & Maintenance
  • Seam Repair

Rip Rap Boulder Placement

We offer Rip Rap boulder placement for new seawalls to create a fish habitat or rip rap maintenance for support of existing seawalls.


We also perform maintenance dredging for boat slips. Boat slips over time can accumulate silt and become shallow. Maintenance dredging can keep your boat slip functioning properly by maintaining a proper depth.

New Seawall Construction

Whether you have an existing or building your dream home, Collier Seawall & Dock can provide options from land and water. Seawall replacement should always be considered if your wall is original, which would equate to 40 years of age. Newly constructed concrete seawalls are engineered to last upwards of 80 years.

The cost of replacing your seawall can vary on depending the vacancy of your lot. Collier Seawall and Dock will always recommend you check the integrity of your wall prior to building your new home. Cost is lower when we can access the job from land instead of having to approach by waterways. For commercial applications, vinyl seawalls are available which outlast concrete walls and always a good option for large scale projects.

All of our seawalls are engineered and constructed to the highest quality standards, ensuring you peace of mind when building your new seawall with Collier Seawall & Dock.

Quality Dock Craftmanship. From Beginning to Bunking. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Collier Seawall & Dock realizes every dock can be as unique as each individuals needs are unique. We will carefully listen to your dock and boat lift needs before presenting options and cad design.
Dock & Lift
Dock Construction
With pilings in place the carpentry crew will arrive to build in all the braces and stringer lumber. The braces and stringers are made of treated lumber and the fasteners are all made of stainless steel. After your framing inspection approval, we install your decking and boat lift designed to suite your specific needs. Finally we will finish the trim and install all the requested accessories (decorative piling strips, tie down cleats, fish table, aluminum ladder etc.). Our licensed Electrician will then come in to wire your lift, install the lights and make all the final connections.

Custom Designed Dock Planning

After the initial meeting evaluation we will provide your dock and boat lift design to you as a scale drawing. After review and consideration you can request revisions to make sure the project contains everything you desire from shape and features to decking material and lighting. Once approved we will review the options and determine a construction schedule.

Once a detailed formal proposal has been processed we will secure all relevant permits, obtain materials and schedule installation.
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Finishing With Our Bunking Service

Included with your new dock is our bunking service. To make sure your new dock and boat lift is functioning and operated properly, we will be there when your boat arrives. We will make all final adjustments for the proper placement of your boat on your new lift.

Afterwards Collier Seawall & Dock will deliver the hand held boat lift remote. At that time, we will go through a multi-point checklist with you detailing features and how to safely maintain and operate so you get the most from your new boat lift.

Once the City/County grants the 'Certificate of Completion' we will send it to you with a thank you letter and a performance survey. Our performance survey allows you the opportunity to review the project. We appreciate your input and look forward to your review.

Boat Owners That Know Us, Would Not Think of Lifting A Boat Without Us

Collier Seawall & Dock knows that as with contractors, all boat lifts are far from the same. Some say any boat lift will pick up your boat. But not just any boat lift will keep your boat up and secure while delivering long lasting reliable service year in and year out. For this reason we are the exclusive dealer of Hi-Tide boat lifts, the best boat lifts in the industry.

The Leading Innovator and Authority

Hi-Tide's patented products with aluminum and stainless steel construction have made them the world wide leaders in boat lifts. From the moment you contact Collier Seawall & Dock we are foremost concerned with fitting the right lift for your boat. We do this by working closely with the professionals at Hi-Tide.

Trained Hi-Tide representatives have experience and know how to select or custom build the proper boat lift while considering a wide variety of factors including your personal needs. Hi-Tide lifts are all built with their patented Gear Drive System. Collier Seawall & Dock has confidently installed Hi-Tide lifts up to 50,000 lbs with complete confidence and customer satisfaction.

The Environment

Working Carefully as to Have Minimal Impact and Protect Our Living Subtidal Terrain.

platform lift
Since all of us here at Collier Seawall & Dock live in the area, we have a vested interest in keeping the unique Florida environment intact. We treat your property and the surrounding area with the utmost respect and consideration.

Collier County is surrounded by preserves and estuaries. These lands, sometimes protected lands, need special care. We are well versed in the local, state and federal codes, when working in and near these areas. We invite the required government agencies to aid in development and inspect the final seawall, dock or boat lift when completed.

Our experience and professionalism will exceed your expectations and the expectations of the agencies required to oversee and inspect your seawall, boat dock or lift.

For more information on our construction services, contact us today in Marco Island and Naples, FL and let one of our contractors assist you.